January -- Time to Break Resolutions & Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

The beginning of a new year often inspires many to set resolutions for improved habits and goals. However, the initial enthusiasm frequently fades, leading to unfulfilled resolutions.

A recent Forbes Health/OnePoll survey of 1,000 U.S. adults revealed insights into the nature of these resolutions. Notably, the 2024 survey showed a shift from the previous year's focus on mental health to fitness as the top resolution. Key findings include:

  • 62% feel pressured to make resolutions, with women feeling slightly more pressure than men.
  • Top resolutions for 2024 are fitness (48%), improved finances (38%), and mental health (36%).
  • 20% hold themselves accountable, a significant drop from the previous year.
  • 80% are confident in achieving their goals, with men slightly more confident than women.
  • Fitness apps are the most popular tool for maintaining resolutions.

Interestingly, less popular resolutions include travel, meditation, reducing alcohol intake, and work performance.

A 2022 YouGov poll showed that 37% of Americans had resolutions for 2023, with a higher commitment rate compared to other countries. Young adults and parents are more likely to set resolutions.

The average lifespan of a resolution is about 3.74 months, with "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day" and "Quitter's Day" marking common points of abandonment. Research suggests that action-oriented goals have a higher success rate than avoidance-oriented goals.

While many resolutions fail, the opportunity to restart and recommit exists at any time, exemplified by "New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day" on June 1. This day serves as a reminder that goals can be pursued and revisited throughout the year.

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: A Journey of Unity, Art, and Service

This year, as we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15th, we extend an invitation to you to be part of a transformative experience that transcends mere observance. This National Day of Service offers an opportunity to actively engage in community activities, embracing the spirit of Dr. King's vision for a world marked by equality and justice.

Experience the Rhythms of Change at the MLK 2024 Memorial Concert

(On January 12, 2024, at Herbst Theatre, San Francisco)

Prepare for an unforgettable evening at the MLK 2024 Memorial Concert. This annual event showcases a stellar lineup of artists who channel the power of jazz, gospel, and poetry to promote social justice. Be captivated by this musical journey that echoes Dr. King's dream. Stay tuned for more details on timings and ticket availability at norcalmlkfoundation.org/events.

Unleash Creativity at the Black Comix Arts Festival Children’s Day

(January 13, 2024)

In collaboration with the San Francisco Public Library, this event offers a day filled with creativity and inspiration. Young artists will have the opportunity to learn comic creation in interactive workshops, witness vibrant performances, and meet accomplished comic artists. Keep an eye on 2024 BCAF Cosplay Soirée (bcafcon.org) for more details.

Celebrate the Legacy of Stevie Wonder at 'In the Name of Love'

(January 13, 2024, at Paramount Theatre, Oakland)

Living Jazz and SF Jazz proudly present "In the Name of Love," a special tribute to Stevie Wonder's music. This event, marking the 20th anniversary of Oakland's largest civic event in honor of Dr. King, promises an evening of soulful melodies. Tickets are available at paramountoakland.org.

Participate in the National Day of Service

(January 15, 2024)

Embody the spirit of Dr. King through acts of community service. Explore a variety of volunteering opportunities at americorps.gov/serve/volunteer/mlk-day.

Contribute to Nature at the Shoreline Cleanup

(January 15, 2024, at Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline, Oakland)

Join for a fulfilling day of environmental stewardship at the shoreline. Volunteer for cleanup, gardening, and maintenance activities. Details at anc.apm.activecommunities.com/ebparks/activity/search/detail/50788.

March for Equality in the 2024 MLK March

(January 15, 2024, starting from San Francisco CalTrain Station)

Be a part of a historic march replicating the Selma to Montgomery journey, symbolizing our collective stride towards equality. The march concludes with a vibrant celebration at Yerba Buena Gardens. More information at norcalmlkfoundation.org/events.

Participate in the MLK Day Parade and Rally

(January 15, 2024, starting at El Cerrito City Hall)

Be involved in the 35th annual MLK Day Parade and Rally, a tribute to Dr. King's enduring impact. The parade leads to a program filled with community and inspiration at El Cerrito High School. Event details at el-cerrito.org/693/annual-mlk-celebration.

These events not only honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but also provide a platform for community engagement and action. Celebrate this day of remembrance, action, and unity. Let's continue to nurture the seeds of social justice and equality planted by Dr. King.

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