San Francisco's Safe and Most Affordable Neighborhoods.

San Francisco's Safe and Most Affordable Neighborhoods.San Francisco is one of the most desirable and largest cities of California and in the United States. Being so desirable it commands a higher price point as compared to living in other areas of the state. Not surprising for a large bustling city is a higher price tag. The price of homes can run anywhere from $2000 for a modest condo to well into the multi-million dollar range for sprawling Estates in the most desirable neighborhoods. If you would like a single-family home with plenty of room you may feel discouraged in your San Francisco home search. But there are some great neighborhoods with more affordable price points in San Francisco where you don't have to compromise safety for size.

Affordable and Safe Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Outer Sunset

The Outer Sunset Neighborhood is located in western San Francisco and compromises part of the city referred to as The Avenues. Outer Sunset is not just a more affordable neighborhood, but one of the SAFEST in the city. While the common thought process is the most affordable neighborhoods sacrifice community quality and safety, it is not true here. 

Families living in Outer Sunset send their kids to top-rated public schools in the San Francisco Unified Public School District. These include Lowell High School, Ulloa Elementary School, and Sunset Elementary. Outer Sunset is removed from the downtown core of the city making it quieter and giving it a suburban family-friendly feel. The median price of homes in 2024 for Outer Sunset is $833,912. 

Noe Valley

One of San Francisco's favorite neighborhoods. Though the price tag is still pretty high, it is more affordable as compared to other neighborhoods in the city. The median home price here is just over $1million. The median rent is interestingly only $2,076. Noe Valley shows up on almost every best-of list for neighborhoods in the city. Not only that but it has been ranked as one of the best places to live in California. The homes are beautiful and built with room for a family to grow through life. It is one of the most popular neighborhoods for young families. 

Outer Richmond

Outer Richmond is a neighborhood that offers a very relaxed and quiet vibe. The median price is a bit higher for an affordable neighborhood right at the $ 1 million point, but the ocean views and quiet streets are worth the higher cost. To add to the perks of this affordable safe neighborhood is the proximity to attractions that include Lincoln Park, Baker Beach, Legion Honor Museum, and Sutro Baths. So it may be quiet but it is just minutes from several things to do. 

Bernal Heights

With a convenient location to the San Francisco metro system and views of the Golden Gate Bridge, this neighborhood is highly popular not only for its median real estate price of $866,685. Bernal Heights offers a wide range of home styles making it more intriguing to homebuyers wanting something in San Francisco outside of the Victorians and Edwardian. You can find modern condos, traditional Victorians, and more tucked into the neighborhood alongside some great attractions. Bernal is also popular for its community neighborhood events like Fiesta on the Hill and the largest neighborhood garage sale in the city.  


The Excelsior neighborhood is the most affordable on our list of safe and affordable neighborhoods. The median home price here is just $646,360. It is located in the South Bay Area. This neighborhood is full of community warmth and diversity. The neighborhood is much further from downtown but the public transportation is easily accessible making the need for a car minuscule. Schools that service the neighborhood are also great they include Monroe Elementary and Cleveland Elementary.

If you are interested in a home in one of these neighborhoods, please contact me. I am here to help you find the ideal home in San Francisco. One that you can afford in a neighborhood that suits you with features you love. Contact me any time with any San Francisco real estate needs, both buying and selling homes. 

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