The Fillmore Jazz Festival

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The Heartbeat of Jazz in San Francisco

In the vibrant Fillmore District of San Francisco, the spirit of jazz legends lives on. Once dubbed the "Harlem of the West," this neighborhood was home to music icons like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Thelonious Monk. Today, the Fillmore Jazz Festival keeps this rich history alive, inviting everyone to enjoy live music, gourmet food, and the unique artistry that defines this community.

A Day-to-Night Celebration

From sunrise to sunset, the festival turns the Fillmore District into a lively center of activity. With multiple stages showcasing a wide array of musicians, there’s something for every jazz lover. Art installations and local vendors add to the festive atmosphere, making it an immersive experience that goes beyond just music.

Here are some of the talented artists you can expect to see:

  • Kim Nalley
  • Jesus Diaz y Su QBA
  • Marcus Shelby
  • Paula West
  • Carla Helmbrecht
  • Brad Leali
  • Joshi Marshall
  • Terrence Brewer
  • Tommy Kesecker
  • Ruth Davies
  • Marina Crouse
  • The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol
  • Kenny Washington
  • Will Bernard
  • Sam Reider
  • Brianna Thomas
  • Robert Dehlinger’s Alpha Rhythm Kings
  • Erik Jekabson Sextet
  • Tammy L. Hall
  • Leberta Lorál
  • Erick Peralta Quartet
  • Ricardo Scales
  • Carl Lockett
  • Juan Escovedo
  • Adesha

These performers will light up the festival stages, delivering an unforgettable musical experience. Enjoy the festivities and let the soulful sounds of jazz wash over you! Check the performances schedule here.

Filmore Festival 2024

Community and Culture

The Fillmore Jazz Festival is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the neighborhood’s enduring spirit. It brings together residents, community groups, and businesses in a joyful celebration. Thanks to the support of sponsors, exhibitors, and the Fillmore Merchants Association, the festival is free for all to attend.

Join the Groove

Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is a must-see. For group transportation needs, CharterUP offers services in San Francisco and surrounding areas. If you’d like to support the festival’s mission to keep jazz alive in the Fillmore, consider making a donation to help fund musicians for the community.

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