Top 7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Agent in San Francisco

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Top 7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Agent in San Francisco

Choosing the Right San Francisco Real Estate Agent

Selling your home in San Francisco can be a profitable yet challenging endeavor. The key to achieving outstanding results lies in selecting the perfect real estate agent who can navigate the city's competitive market with finesse. Are you ready to unravel the secrets behind finding the ideal partner for your selling journey? In this blog post, I will unveil the top seven essential qualities to look for when choosing a real estate agent in San Francisco.

Rest assured, armed with these secrets and a few tips, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision and maximize the potential of your home sale. Let's dive in and discover the keys to unlocking success in the San Francisco real estate market.

1. Does Your Agent Have Local Market Expertise?:

An agent who has in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market is essential. Look for someone who can provide insights into recent sales data, neighborhood trends, and pricing strategies specific to your area. Their expertise will help you accurately assess the value of your home and set the right listing price. In San Francisco, every neighborhood is different. It is important to have an agent who knows what percentage of the listing price the home should sell for and price accordingly.

--> Rebecca’s Tip:  With the San Francisco real estate market fluctuating weekly for example, sometimes it is better until wait until just before you actually go on the market for you and your agent to determine the price.

2. Your Local Agent Should Have a Strong Online Presence When You Search for Their Name:

In today's digital age, a real estate agent with a strong online presence is a must. They should be proficient in utilizing online marketing strategies to promote your home effectively. This includes leveraging professional photography, engaging virtual tours, widespread online listings, and targeted social media advertising to maximize exposure and attract potential buyers.

--> Rebecca’s Tip:  If you can’t Google her (or him) and find at least six or seven links to online and social media sites, that agent may not have a strong enough of an online presence to get the job done in an omni-channel digital world.

3. Choose an Agent with Effective Communication Skills:

Clear and timely communication is vital throughout the selling process. An agent who prioritizes open lines of communication and promptly addresses your concerns and questions can provide peace of mind. Look for someone who will keep you informed about open house attendance, buyer feedback, and the progress of your sale.

--> Rebecca’s Tip:  It is important to discuss your communication preferences and expectations at the onset of your relationship with your Realtor. And to understand theirs as well.
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4. The Agent You Choose will have a Comprehensive Marketing Plan:

A successful real estate agent will have a well-defined marketing plan to showcase your home's best features and attract qualified buyers. They should be proficient in various marketing techniques, including online listings, social media campaigns, professional staging, and compelling property descriptions. A comprehensive marketing plan ensures that your home stands out in the market and generates interest among potential buyers.

--> Rebecca’s Tips:  Ask who pays for this. Is it the brokerage? (Typically large brokers have deep pockets.)  The agent? (New agents or small brokers may not have adequate funds for an ad campaign.)  Or both? For example, my company, Intero Real Estate, pays for both Instagram and Facebook ads using AI on my behalf. This is done automatically for all of my listings.

Ask about tried and true traditional methods such as door-knocking as well.

5. Skilled Negotiation Abilities:

Negotiation skills play a crucial role in securing the best possible terms and price for your home. Look for an agent who is skilled at navigating through counteroffers--especially multiple counter-offers--and inspection contingencies, while advocating for your interests. Their ability to strike a balance between your needs and the expectations of buyers can lead to a successful and fruitful transaction for both parties.

6. Your Realtor Must Have Professionalism and Integrity:

Trust is essential when working with a real estate agent. Seek an agent who conducts herself with professionalism and integrity throughout the entire process. She should act in your best interests, maintain confidentiality, and handle all aspects of the sale ethically and honestly.

--> Rebecca’s Tip:  This is why it is essential to always use a Realtor. Realtors ascribe to a Code of Ethics that set a higher standard of professionalism. 

National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics

7. Does Your Agent Have an Extensive Network and Resources?:

A well-connected agent with an extensive network of potential buyers, industry professionals, and relevant contacts can give your home a competitive edge. Their network allows them to tap into a wider pool of potential buyers and leverage connections to facilitate a successful sale.


Choosing the right real estate agent is crucial when selling your home in San Francisco. By considering their local market expertise, online presence, communication skills, marketing strategies, negotiation abilities, professionalism, and network, you can make an informed decision. Working with a reputable and experienced agent will maximize your chances of a successful and smooth selling experience.

--> Remember to keep these key factors in mind as you select your real estate agent. His or her expertise and support will ensure that your home sale in San Francisco is a positive and rewarding experience.


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